Healthy parents and families raise healthy babies. I believe if we focus on the wellbeing of parents they will take care of their baby’s needs. My goal is to provide parents with resources and evidence based information. This, I trust, will help them make the best choices for their families. Every parent and family are different and I believe with tools and support they can have beautiful birth and postpartum experiences.

About Me

I’ve been interested in childbirth and women’s health from an early age. As a child I was fascinated by the magic of childbirth and would spend my summer break watching discovery health shows about birth and babies. I am a UCLA graduate and as a pre-med student learned a lot about the human body and became even more interested in childbirth. I believe every birth person who wants a doula should be able to have a one. For that reason, in addition to my own doula practice, I volunteer for the Joy In Birthing Foundation, an organization that provides doula services for women who cannot afford them.