Helping parents feel empowered during labor and postpartum.



Birth Doula


My job as a birth doula is to help parents feel safe and comforted during labor. I provide you information and present different options for birth. I offer continuous support throughout labor and help ensure your choices are validated and heard.

Postpartum Doula


Raising a baby requires healthy parents. As a postpartum doula I help families transition into their new roles, offer support, and provide tools. Bringing home a new baby can be daunting and my role is to support and demystify this process.

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta consumption has been a practice for many years in eastern medicine. It has been used to help with postpartum depression and milk production among other benefits.



Having Candy as my postpartum doula really eased my mind. Her calm, warm, and reassuring personality truly helped me during trying times with my newborn. As a parent of two, I thought I would have it down but, as everyone says, no two children are alike. It truly takes a village. I am so happy to have found Candy!” - Wendy