• Each placenta is different and depending on the size you will get 100-200 capsules.  Capsules are best kept in a cool dry place, a lot of women keep their capsules in the refrigerator or freezer.  

  • Encapsulation includes umbilical cord keepsake if umbilical cord is provided.

  • Frozen capsules can be saved and taken for low milk supply, PMS and menopause.

*Placenta capsules are not to be consumed during pregnancy.  


  • This special salve is infused with your own placenta powder.  It is made from all USDA organic calendula oil, shea butter, beeswax, and almond oil. 

  • Many anti-aging creams are made from sheep placentas due to the placenta's regenerative properties.

  • Calendula has been used for centuries for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • This salve is naturally healing and tailored especially for you. It can be used as a facial moisturizer, for scar healing including c-section scar and perineal tears (*do not use on open wounds), diaper rash, adult and baby eczema, age spots and wrinkles.


You or your designated contact person can text or call me when you go into labor and again once the baby is born so I can arrange the pick up.  After that I will encapsulate your placenta and have it back to you in 1-3 days. If you deliver in the middle of the night let me know and I will pick up the placenta in the early morning.  



Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Salve


Potential Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation



Not a lot of research exists on placenta encapsulation. Anecdotally placenta capsules help birthing parents with:

  • Energy and iron deficiency

  • Mood improvement, helping ward off baby blues

  • Increasing milk supply


Research on placenta capsules found these hormones and compounds. These could be the reason many birthing parents feel taking placenta capsules helped their bodies adjust more easily to the changes experienced during childbirth.

  • Estrogen (Estradiol)

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Melatonin

  • Hemoglobin

  • Iron

  • Cortisone

  • Cortisol

Safe Handling

I am committed to the safe and proper handling of you placenta. My background in science and microbiology allows me to handle your encapsulation with the utmost regard for your health and safety.


Methods of Encapsulation

The two methods of placenta encapsulation I offer are:

  • Raw Method

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Method

Raw Method

The raw method is the most popular encapsulation method.  Its benefits are that the placenta is encapsulated only through dehydration and not steaming, thereby preserving the hormones, enzymes and nutrients in the placenta.  Some studies testing hormone and nutrient levels in placenta capsules show that they are present at higher levels through this encapsulation method.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Method

The TCM method of encapsulating is based on maintaining the hot/cold, yang/yin balance in the body.  Labor and birth create a cold/yin space in the body which is best filled by taking in something that has hot/yang properties.  In TCM the placenta is steamed with ginger, spicy green pepper, and lemon, all of which infuse and enhance it with hot/yang properties.  This makes the placenta capsules perfect for restoring balance in the body.


Different hospitals have different policies on release of a placenta. It is important that you let your nurse and doctor know that you intend to keep your placenta.  If you have a doula, please inform her also since many times they can hold onto the placenta until I pick it up.  Some hospitals will now hold the placenta for you, however, plan on having a cooler at the hospital in case they can't.  


Created by your beautiful body

Placenta encapsulation is another tool for helping birthing parents achieve optimal wellness because healthy parents means healthy babies.